Our mission:

We aim to cultivate the self-motivation of student, deepen their understanding in Chinese culture and develop their Chinese language ability.

Our Concept:

We all understand that the Han culture and Mandarin is becoming more and more important. The advantages of learning Chinese in Mandarin is that students are able to master Chinese in both written and oral forms.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is our concept of education. We are committed to use flexible teaching methods in order to cater the needs of different children.

Reading is the foundation of learning Chinses. By reading more and more passages, we can continue to improve our language proficiency.

Pinyin is a useful tool for us to understand Chinese words. We help student develop the habit of using reference books, which eventually improve children's self-learning ability and earn their self-value.

Every student has to learn writing in their Chinese learning journey. We will teach them how to write so that they can overcome the obstacles of writing.

Recitation is an expression of sound and feeling, which let people feel the beauty of the text and appreciate the rhyme of different genres

Children is not a bottle waiting to be filled up, but it’s a frame to be lit up.

Learning ability – Learning ability is a combination of perseverance, motivation and ability.

Knowledge – to listen more, speak more and read more while student are young, in order to improve the their language sense and interest in learning

Communication - Interactive teaching brings fun to the class and also stimulate the interest of student

Reading - Learn how to think through reading and stimulate the enthusiasm and interest of learning

Beauty sensibility —— Recitation is a living language. Through the passion in expression, it can generate great influence and penetration power.

Exploration - Explore the nature, broaden horizons and inspire the development of multiple intelligences

SQ - The joy of success is the impetus for student progress